Ai-powered plastic replacement

time-programmable materials

“Nature to be commanded, must be obeyed.”

                                                Francis Bacon

Changing the entire global plastic industry is at hand

Water soluble; yes but also decarbonizing as never seen before

Exploitation of resources' energy

Let's talk about how Timeplast differentiates itself in terms of how and where we source our raw materials from as well as our overall carbon footprint

Responsible sourcing

Timeplast’s raw materials and its sourcing are independent from petroleum a cross well as crop production, significantly reducing our materials overall carbon footprint. Alcohol production for industrial applications such as ours, is primarily derived from the distillation of organic waste

Polymerization energy

We've created a compound that self-polymerizes as it is being extruded, injected, blown or thermo-formed. What this means is that we provide a double use to the plastics’ manufacturing energy, drastically reducing our carbon footprint

Depolymerization energy

Current methods such as recycling or composting, beyond the fact of not truly solving the problem, actually use copious amounts of energy. Timeplast harnesses the energy of Earth’s Water Cycle to fully break down our plastics, making Timeplast the best sustainable alternative

Pelletization energy

Timeplast comes in pellet form, making it a plug and play solution with todays current manufacturing processes.

Greenhouse gases

The case for biodegradation has been made to sound positive but hypothetically, biodegrading all of our plastics would tragically alter Earth's climate, creating an extinction level event caused by enormous amounts of carbon being released into the atmosphere. Water solubility is Earth's way to clean wasteful materials

Defining sustainability as Nature intended

The reason 70% of Earth’s surface is covered in water is because Nature intended for it to be the universal solvent. Our material does not require input from anything other than this very resource to disintegrate. Our resin is comprised primarily of alcohol which is produced from organic waste and sustainably sourced.

What we do

We have developed a hybrid material with a zero fossil-based plastic footprint, which is fully customizable to each customer's individual application

Patent Approved

Only truly innovative plastics achieve patent approval as in the case of DuPont obtaining the patent for his Nylon polymer in September 1938 and quickly achieving a monopoly of the fiber

Patent Approved

We understand that in some cases having a patent does not necessarily translate to a working technology, however in our case we take pride in the fact that our material is the ultimate and irrefutable proof of concept


We can adapt our resin for your injection, thermoforming, extrusion, blow molding or expansion manufacturing process as well as any use or shelf-life which your products are intended


Substituting conventional plastic can only be achieved if the material is able to adapt and to be as versatile as what it seeks to substitute

Cost Efficient

Timeplast is priced below any other bio-based plastic on the market and competitively priced versus the ever-rising prices of conventional fossil-based plastics

Cost Efficient

No other plastic has the potential to be as affordable as ours, not only in monetary terms, but in environmental terms. Having the potential to be sourced from organic waste is transformational

Addressing plastic pollution realistically

Global efforts aimed at addressing the sustainability of plastics have focused on biodegradation or recycling, however, neither one of those approaches addresses the actual  problem with plastic pollution; Biomagnification

It has been proven that plastics have the ability to fragment into ever smaller pieces and that such pieces are present in everything we eat, can become airborne or even pass through our dermal barrier. Because the human body has no metabolic function in living cells for these pieces, they forever accumulate throughout the food chain and in our bodies. Mothers pass these microplastics to their unborn offspring, making each new generation of humans a higher plastic-biomagnified species, with higher risks for the health issues associated with plastic in the human body.

Timeplast harnesses the most abundant and available resource on Earths surface to ensure that there is no chance of Biomagnification

Timeplast solves this issue by making water the most powerful enemy of our material after its intended use, leaving no  probability of our plastic biomagnifying given that most of our bodies as well as the surface of Earth, is water.


Timeplast is a hydro-soluble copolymer, with limited water resistance, capable of substituting nearly any conventional plastic whose primary function does not require full optical transparency

Our Mission

To accelerate the world's transition to sustainable materials

Our plastic is derived from Alcohol and built through the proven principles of Abiogenesis synthesis in combination with a process inspired by the Polydiketoenamine polymerization scientific paper, making our innovation only possible in the 21st century.

Wouldn’t we love for all plastics to fully dissolve after their desired use?

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About company

Timeplast is a chemical technology company that specializes in advanced polymerization, hybrid co-polymerization, and orderly depolymerization solutions.

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