A water-soluble
water bottle?

For applications that require constant contact with water, we’ve developed a material that has limited water resistance for a programmable period of time,


Safer than paper, glass and metals

We use the same alcohol material found in our regular Timeplast resin, which is bio-based and extremely safe, how safe? It has been even independently approved for Human Consumption by the FDA. Chances are that if you’ve eaten ice cream, you’ve eaten this alcohol-based material. Which translates into no microplastics, and no toxic or biomagnification elements. 

Timeplast 2 brings the benefits of any typical bio-based plastic such as PLA, or even many other materials such as paper, glass and metal, but without their inability to dissolve in the presence of water, their high carbon footprint, and with an optimized efficiency in raw material’s sourcing, versatility and scalability.


High quality

It can substitute the uses of conventional PE, PP, PS and PVC, wether if it’s extruded, injected, blown or expanded. We’re not claiming that it has the same quality as conventional plastic, but it’ll get the job done.


Cheaper than any other bio-based plastic

One of the challenges of other non-soluble bio-based plastics on the market today is their high price, Timeplast 2 positions itself in price cheaper than any other bio-based plastic, and very close to the prices of conventional plastic.

Truly sustainable

Today’s bio-based plastics use sources like corn, sugar or potato, however by increasing the industrialization of food sources, there’s an increased demand for land, pushing even further subsequent deforestation, damaging incredible amounts of biodiversity like the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest, while poor communities around the world see an increase in the prices of food, which then leads to a decrease in their ability to afford it. Being able to produce plastics from organic waste through the distillation of alcohol makes our plastics truly sustainable.

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