R&D Pipeline

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The holy grail of the plastic's waste stream is at hand

tech explained

R= Restore
R= Reverse
N= Nanometric
D= Damage
O= On
N= Nature

We have been able to successfully and independently verify our ability to turn fossil-based conventional plastics into their wax counterparts, and then said wax back into commercial-quality plastics again. We have also developed a symbiotic technology that uses our proprietary depolymerization pathways to create a reactor that has the ability to chemically separate and then turn to wax any and all types of plastics without the need for mechanical separation. Being able to treat and truly recycle unsorted waste streams has been one of the most difficult problems in terms of sustainability that our society has faced. We have a demo to showcase this process, and we’re hoping to bring our solution to market in the following years. If you’re a potential partner, and you’d like to collaborate with us, please leave us a note.

our pre-degraded solution addresses plastic pollution by recreating the source

By using pre-degradation, you'll be creating a better product in every way:

Un-cycling is the new recycling

Pre-degrading creates a safety net for when plastic doesn’t get recycled, and a push forward in quality for when plastic does get recycled

Our solutions

We specialize in the creation of plastic's liquid chemical enemies.

Our solution uses Abiogenesis principles for the synthesis of liquid artificial enzymes and powerful solvents that when combined, have the ability to break plastic down to a molecular level, essentially turning plastic into a corn-starch or wax-like material. We specialize in the creation of plastic’s liquid chemical enemies.

Using computers, gravimetric scales, probes and tubes, the above-mentioned liquid combination is carefully delivered precisely when new plastics are being manufactured, with the goal of breaking down as much of the plastic’s molecular signature, without losing the commercial characteristics. This is only possible given that plastic is incredibly over-engineered.

The final plastic is transformed into a new material that’s technically a co-polymer between the host plastic and a depolymerized version of itself.

This new material happens to outperform virgin/regular plastic in almost every way.


And provide you with top-notch solutions

We use Riverdale Global’s RGS and PIAD® systems to deliver our technology with state-of-the-art computerized dosifiers.

Provides the greatest amount of accuracy and control available, reducing usage and lower costs. The RGS is easy to set up and use. Calibration is not required. Riverdale Global’s gravimetric system makes automatic metering adjustments as needed. Liquid additive change is quick and easy. The RGS is available in 5 gallon pails, 30 gallon drums, or totes.

Every container delivered to your facility has its own pump which is installed permanently in the drum or pail (Pump-In-A-Pail®). The containers are sealed and never need to be opened. Containers are returned through Riverdale Global’s Return For Refill™ program, which will result in a cost savings as well as a benefit to the environment. Pump-In-A-Drum® (PIAD) is a proven technology, which has been in use by Riverdale for more than 10 years.