Plates that don’t waste

Imagine if your family barbecue, corporate event, or daily kitchen routine could be free of the damaging effects on the environment, while keeping the same level of convenience.

Paper plates and cups contributed 2.72 billion pounds of waste in 2015. Many of these plates are made directly from trees. Also, they are often coated with plastic or wax, making them non-recyclable and non-compostable.

The manufacturing of paper plates has a high carbon footprint and requires 8 gallons of water to produce one single-use plate. 

But there is hope.

  • Timeplast plates are made from distilled agricultural waste, making them highly environmentally stable. 
  • Better function – resists water for 24 hours, then begins to dissolve
  • No plastic coatings = no microplastics going in your body OR the environment.
  • Dissolves in water after use – your dishwasher (or the Pabyss) works!


Oct 25th, 2023

Finished product fabricated
Food safety approval

Dec 15th, 2023

Full scale production run complete

Dec 25th, 2023

Timeplast Plates in stock here & available on Amazon