Industrial Stretch Wrap

Stretch Wrap that dissolves

Imagine if your pallets and products could be wrapped safely in plastic, but when you’re finished, there is no toxic plastic waste to worry about! Timeplast Stretch Wrap makes that possible.

Estimates suggest that in the US alone, more than 2 billion pounds of stretch wrap are used annually. The B2B recycling rate for stretch wrap could potentially range from 20-40%. This still means that a minimum of 1.2 billion pounds of stretch wrap ends up in landfills, or worse – littered, buried, or burned.

Plastic film is a microplastics nightmare. Film breaks down into high molecular weight particles which are unable to be cleaned up from the environment, and which the ecosystem cannot break down naturally. These toxic particles end up in surprisingly high concentrations in bodies of water, animal populations, and our food & water supply.

We are now on the horizon of a breakthrough: Timeplast Stretch Wrap.

  • Never creates microplastics
  • Dissolves after use, leaving behind safe sugar alcohols
  • Effectively disappears from the environment


Oct 1st, 2023

Finalized samples ready for shipment

Nov 15th, 2023

Full scale production run complete

Dec 15th, 2023

Timeplast Stretch Wrap in stock here & available on Amazon